Document Control Management
As a document control manager it was my responsibility to make sure engineering documentation flowed smoothly and identify any descrepancies during the Design Process. I would administrate meetings for Design Reviews, Engineering Release, and final Production Release. I would upload all Revision Notices (RN), Engineering Change Orders (ECO), and completed drawings when completed, to the engineering department's drawing vault for future reference. I would develop drawing formats, RN and ECO formats, and any documentation that needs to be used by the engineering department.

My responsibilities included maintaining the Enterprise Resource Planning system (ERP) adding any new parts and materials required by engineering. I was on the team to evaluate new vendors and maintain a list current vendors regularly fabrication parts for the company. I would input the necessary data describing the new parts and whcih vendor or vendors the parts can be purchased and fabricated from.

A document control manager has to be organized with a keen sense for meeting deadlines. Milestone charts were frequently administered and personal visits to engineering team members was common even if you become a pain in the butt to conform to the engineering drawing requirements.
My responsibilities as the acting document control manager at many companies was to create or update the engineering drawing manual. I would write procedures and create drawing formats that catered to the engineering CAD programs, Solidworks, Autodesk Inventor, and Autocad. The example below is an example of an engineering drawing creation process I developed.
As a Document Control Manager it was expected to update and maintain the CAD Vault. Below is an example of how I partitioned the folders in the database. Every company database is different to accommodate the engineering department. Some are large and complex, and some are small and simple like the example shown here.