There always comes a point in time when Filipino kids ask about their cultural identity especially being raised in America. They search and can't find even a hint of their ethnic culture in any of their school books.

Going through that same experience I randomly researched a series of events that, as a kid, I was curious about. I asked questions like is this really my country? Where are we from and how did we get here? So I researched and scrapped together a collection of mixed match stories I could find on Filipino history that occurred during my dad's stay in America. I researched the migration of my father to America that took place as he moved from different places looking for work following the crop harvest. I remember the tools that were left in his toolshed and matched events of the time to his tools. He was there and experienced these events so I imagined myself walking in his footsteps and reliving the past through his eyes and wondering how he must have felt. He would have had some interesting Talk Stories to tell.
Table of Contents
Uncle Story Teller

Read this book as if you're imagining a Filipino uncle or kuya teasing Filipino kids with his Talk Stories. We all probably have or know of an uncle like that. I wrote this book as if I'm talking to my kids, nephews and nieces, and grand kids to pass down my stories. This is my safe keep for them and you to cherish and pass down. No one else will tell our stories except for ourselves. We all have stories to share, we should all keep a Scrapbook and share them.

Picture-Graphics and Buzz Words

How can a child barely out of diapers know how to play through a program on a smart phone? What provokes their curiosity? .... It's the picture-Graphics.

Children are learning to recognize graphics to navigate the web.They see buttons and icons to get them through the game. As the child is browsing through the programs he or she is creating a user experience for themself.

Admitting being an online zombie I scan through web pages looking at pictures. If the picture has a caption I read that first and if it interests me then I begin to scan through the paragraphs looking for buzz words that stick out then I proceed to read. With that in mind I created the format of this book to include a lot of pictures. The pictures are there to capture the readers attention and not get bored when reading. I kept the stories as short as possible to get straight to the point and hold the reader's interest. I felt this was the best way to write a short story scrapbook, with little patience and looking at pictures. Well anyway that's what being an online zombie browser has done to me.