Tales of Dad's Tools

Tools that were hanging in my dad's tool shed reflect the history he lived through. I followed his footsteps and researched current events around each one of those tools and found some interesting incidents that happened. Although I can't account for his involvement but I do know he was there at those times.

Cane Cutter

Hanapepe Masacre - Kauai, Hawaii 1924

Asparagus Knife

Watsonville Riots - Central California 1930

Army Issue Bolo

California Filipino Regiments - WW2 1942

Grape Cutter Knife

Delano Grape Strike - Central California 1965
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Items in Mom's Foot Locker

There was a purple foot locker in my mom's closet were she kept personal items throughout the years. There were old Philippines children school books, butterfly sleeve dresses, 33 rpm Filipino records, a cookie can with sewing items, empty Calrose rice sacks, and some Filipino food recipes among other home making items.

If only I could go back and retrieve all those items and talk with my mom just think of all the stories that could be told. As we get older and caught up in the daily routine of life we tend to forget to ask our parents about their stories until it's too late. That's what happened to me and all that's left are dad's tools and mom's keepsakes and a confused Filipino son resorting to researching the events of their times and rekindling the memories from my childhood while rumaging through a shoebox of faded photographs. It's not going to be easy and at the same time will be fun reminiscing and imagining all those fond memories.