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So now we come to this point, i've been wanting to write a book like this for a long time and now I feel like i've lifted a load off my shoulders. Researching the events around my dad's migration to America, following where he worked in Hawaii and California enlightened new insight into the struggles and sacrifices the Sakadas and Manongs went through to get where we, as Filipino-Americans, are today.

As I started writing about the events of the Filipinos migration to the United States I couldn't help but feel that they carved out a niche in the American culture for us to remember and learn from. The stories left to us by our forefathers are good examples for our children. Role models that shaped the identity of being Filipino-Americans. It's a blessing to share stories of our culture that teach morals, learn values, and develop principles that kids will recognize as lessons in real life situations. Valuable stories we can pass down to our next generation as they do their part in contributing as equals to OUR American culture.

The gift of community is often sabotaged in the act of one's selfish greed. When we neglect to recognize the values of compassion and working together we run the risk of losing our humanity.

to be continued...............

to be continued............

can do is pass down and restore the virtues of humanity to the children..
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to be continued.................

They came to contribute to this country not to take advantage. They came believing in the American dream, they came to be Americans.