Welcome to Da kine

The Hawaiian Plate Lunch is American Fusion Food!

The evolution of the Hawaiian plate lunch is unique. Many ethnic groups came to the Islands and added their culinary tastes to create these local dishes. Polynesian, Chinese, Japanese, Portuguese, Filipino, Korean, Puerto Rican, and mainlanders all contributed to the Hawaiian dishes we love today. The Hawaiian plate lunch symbolizes diversity that represents our culture and stands for the principles this nation was built upon. A nation of immigrants coming together and contributing to the American dream.

The Hawaiian Plate Lunch illustrates the creativity of merging cultures, Fusion Food that signifies a trait that has come to define the American way of life.

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I like to say we Filipinos didn't come to this country to take advantage we came to contribute, especially with nurses and dentists haha!

As Filipinos in America I don't think we can swing the vote on any side. I believe there are just as many conservatives as there are liberals. We'll just add to the mess.

So when you see new immigrants arriving to our country, greet them with this:

Welcome to Da Kine!
Now eat Poke!
Speak Pidgin!

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