At many of the companies I've worked for that have large scale capital equipment I had the responsibility to create floorplan layouts and building modifications for equipment placement. This is called site planning. I would layout equipment to fit within building regulations. I would layout electrical and plumbing placement schematics and add ventilation  to existing vent systems in the buildings. Most of this type of design was for medical and semiconductor companies. GE Medical Systems, Accuray, Applied Materials, and Schlumberger.


For large scale facilitiy development projects like the Harry Tracy Water Treatment Plant for the city of San Francisco I would update 100s of drawings redlined by the Public Utilities Commission. All areas of building construction are covered. These projects could take years to complete. Oil refineries, pharmaceutical facilities, wineries, water and sewage treatment plants require this kind of design-drafting. Companies Keiwit, Bio-Marin, Genentech, and Chevron.

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Electrical layout for the HTWTP in San Mateo for the city of San Francisco.



Redline drawing from the

Public Utilities Commission.