I love these type of drawings the most. Conceptual layouts are drawings without engineering format and never released into document control. This drawing is not subject to drawing standards except within the content of the design geometry. Designers can put anything they want on these drawings. The only thing of concern to the designer is how the geometry can be extracted to create other drawings like fabrication drawings, assembly drawings, interconnect diagrams, cable harness assemblies, etc. Remember the layout is going to be used as reference in the design review meeting for everyone to see and brainstorm. The conceptual layout summarizes the fundamental nature of the design.


As the CAD designer you need to create the conceptual layout as if you were the engineering manager explaining to the engineering group what needs to be done and to assign tasks. The drawing should cater to the needs of the mechanical engineer, electrical engineer, software engineer, and engineering technicians involved. This usually takes place after gathering enough information from the first design review meeting.


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