Document Control Management

As a document control manager, my primary responsibility was ensuring the smooth flow of engineering documentation throughout the design process. This involved identifying and addressing discrepancies and facilitating meetings for design reviews, engineering releases, and final production releases. Once the design process was complete, I uploaded all revision notices (RN), engineering change orders (ECO), and finished drawings to the engineering department's drawing vault for future reference.

Apart from this, I was also responsible for developing drawing formats, RN and ECO formats, and various other documentation required by the engineering department. Additionally, I had to ensure the accuracy and maintenance of the Enterprise Resource Planning system (ERP) by updating it with any new parts and materials needed by engineering. As part of the team that evaluated new vendors, I maintained a list of current vendors who regularly fabricated parts for the company. I would input necessary information describing the new parts and specify which vendor or vendors could manufacture them.

As a document control manager, having exceptional organizational skills and an acute sense of meeting deadlines was crucial. I frequently administered milestone charts and visited engineering team members to ensure compliance with engineering drawing requirements, even if it meant being perceived as a nuisance.

As an Acting Document Control Manager across various companies, I created and updated the Engineering Drawing Manual. My duties involved developing procedures and designing drawing formats that were tailored to meet the requirements of the engineering CAD programs, including Solidworks, Autodesk Inventor, and Autocad. To illustrate my engineering drawing creation process, I present the following example.
As a Document Control Manager, one of my core responsibilities was ensuring accurate and up-to-date maintenance of the CAD Vault. As each company's database is unique and customized to the needs of its engineering department, the partitioning of the folders within the database may vary in complexity and size. In the following example, I have clearly outlined my approach to partitioning and organizing the folder.