Hand Coded Websites
I use Adobe Dreamweaver to create websites. I code in HTML, CSS, and JS (Javascript), where I create HTML <div> blocks and what I call, decorate the <div>, with CSS code, then I use Javascript to to add behaviors to the website. Many Javascript behavioral codes can be copied from online opensource sites. I can also copy codes i've written and paste into a Component Management System (CMS) program like Squarespace, Wordpress, and GoDaddy Website Builder, or any other web building program that requires HTML, CSS, and Javascript coding.

To me, the benefit of using Dreamweaver is that I can code on one page and see the results right away on the design page. This is instrumental in creating websites before transfering online. To transfer websites online I use the program Filezilla which is free opensource File Transfer Protocol (FTP) program. I transfer between Dreamweaver and Filezilla frequently.

Terms To Know
Dreamweaver Design Side
Dreamweaver Code Side
(FTP) Filezilla an opensource file transfer protocol program. Filezilla Pro comes with an affordable cost.