Power Supply Layout and Interconnect Diagram
In house test laser power supply for the R&D lab. This was not a company product and was used in the engineering department to power an industrial laser head assembly for test purposes only. My responsibility was to work with the electrical engineer to collect all parts and install in an existing electronic cabinet. Nothing fancy, create a quick and dirty layout with minimal fabricated parts. Engineering was under a strict budget for test equipment. The conceptual layout was all that was needed to assemble the power supply with the interconnect diagram I created from the electrical engineer's schematic. BTW the schematic was drawn on a napkin. A common way of jotting down ideas at the spur of the moment when the lightbulb turns on in the engineer. When you can get work out of your head a happy hours get together helps when relaxed after work at a restaurant or bar. I've drawn many conceptual layouts this way, from a napkin sketch.