TECHNICAL PUBLICATIONS is the process of identifying, authoring, publishing and delivering information. that describes the capabilities, use, maintenance and support of a product. Benefits of Structured Technical Documentation Authoring. and Dynamic Publishing. Technical Publications has always been a big part of my work experience. As a designer it was natural for me to transition from engineering design to technical publications.

My Design Publication Process

First I would use CAD to make realistic representations of products and insert them into documents and specification sheets. After finalizing the CAD model I manipulate the model with ambient lighting tools provided by the CAD programs. I would make the model as realistic as possible, convert to a compatible image file, and import into Photoshop for further enhancement. I can then turn the image into a JPEG or PNG file and insert into a document. I often use PNG files with the background removed.

Technical publications is the authoring of information both graphically and in written language. After completing the graphics for a data sheet I write picture captions with applicable information. Written information on the data sheet will encompass relevant information describing company products in the form of operating instructions, height, weight, safety handling,and warranty information. My responsibilites have included writing manufacturing assembly instructions, test procedures, periodic diagnostics information, warning labels, pre-inspection procedures before packaging, shipping, and handling requirements, post-inspection information at customer sites.

I have found that the key to succesful technical writing is to keep it as simple as possible for the reader to understand. This is called the KISS method, Keep It Simple Stupid, pun intended.