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I specialize in working

for hi-tech companies:


  • CAD design
  • Visual design
  • Web design

    Experienced in:
    • Electro-Mechanical CAD
    • Technical Publications


Native born Californian raised in the Silicon Valley



Established Culture


With a reputation for innovation the Silicon Valley  breeds cutting edge technology that continues to change the world. This Valley is a meccha of high-tech. This corridor has been developing this environment for decades. Where other parts of the country are known for steel workers, auto workers and so on, the Silicon Valley is known for it's high tech culture that attracts tech professionals around the world like a magnet.


What's great about being raised in this culture is that the industry breathes this creative spirit into the community. This inventive curiosity comes from a proud history of hi-tech innovation. Companies establish businesses here to tap into that resource. It's phenomenal how this valley continues to culture an environment of cutting edge technology. The Silicon Valley truly is the high-tech capital of the world.


These are still exciting times and I'm glad to be a part of it!    TED


Companies I have worked for:



Watkins Johnson


Applied Materials




GE Medical